Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Mobile Online Casino Games Gain Popularity

Online casino gaming has reached a new height in popularity and one area that is catching on at a fever pitch is the mobile online casino. For those who like to play at online casinos but are away from their PC, there is still an option to play casino games: via a mobile or handheld unit. Some of the most popular online casinos now offer their games in three flavors: download, no-download and mobile versions. This gives player a wide variety of choice depending on where they are.

Marc Falcone, Deutsche Bank gambling analyst commented on the popularity of mobile online casinos and the direction they are heading in: "I think every major online casino company wants to get into online gaming, but without access to the U.S. market, it becomes a costly venture. The gadgets are the first step in a long process.

"But some people don´t want to see casino games outside the casino. Sen. Maggie Carlton, of Las Vegas said “it's bad enough that the state has allowed Keno to be played away from the casino floor. There needs to be places where there aren't two and three gaming devices at your disposal.” There is a real concern that the mobile online casino could make the temptation for some people to always have access to casino games much too tempting.


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