Monday, August 22, 2005

Crazy Poker Gives Players a 33 Percent Rakeback

Crazy Poker has stunned the online gaming community when it announced that it will offer its players a 33 percent rakeback every month - the only site to offer such a high amount.

"People think we've gone crazy," says Crazy Poker Room manager Trevor Penn.
"Poker is the world's favorite card game and Crazy Poker is there to educate and provide an entertaining platform for experienced and novice Poker players alike. By offering a 33 percent rakeback we can give even more back to our players."

Crazy Poker already offers players $10 free for downloading their Poker software as well as a 40 percent Match Bonus on first time deposits of up to $100, meaning a $100 deposit will yield and extra $40 free. Now with a 33 percent rakeback every month players are receiving a large amount of free money.

Online Poker rooms make their profits through rakes. A rake is a small maintenance fee that is taken from every pot played and ranges from as little as 5c to over $2. Players that contribute to the pot are therefore paying their share of the rake to the Poker room. A rakeback refers to a percentage of the rakes players make that is paid back to them in the form of a bonus. Regular Poker players can play up to thousands of hands in a month and the rakes eventually ad up.

"Crazy Poker now offers online Poker Players 33 percent of their rakes back every month and that could add up to hundreds of dollars," says Penn.

Part of the Vegas Partner Lounge online casino group, Crazy Poker is one of the fastest growing Poker rooms. With their new 33 percent rakeback policy, players will have more reason to enjoy the great game of Poker.

All Terms & Conditions apply to the 33 percent Rakeback Promotion. For more information about Crazy Poker and the 33 percent RakeBack Promotion visit:


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