Tuesday, March 14, 2006

CrazyPoker.com Launch New Loyalty Rewards Program

Starting in March 2006, the world’s wackiest online poker room will once again be making headlines with their new Loyalty rewards program. CrazyPoker.com has been a staple in the online poker industry and once again offer players a promotion that is unparalleled. “You’ve heard all the pitches on Loyalty Programs, but get ready for one that will knock your socks off!” says CrazyPoker.com manager Trevor Penn. The CrazyPoker.com Loyalty Rewards offers online poker players the opportunity to earn ‘Crazy Credits’ by merely playing Poker. “We have a Loyalty structure that allows players to earn Crazy Credits equivalent to the amount of raked hands they play. In other words, the more raked hands you play, the more Crazy Credits you earn. And the more raked hands you play also dictates on what level on our structure you fall, determining your Crazy Credits value,” explain Penn. Players might ask what they need to do to join the CrazyPoker.com Loyalty Rewards. “Nothing,” says Penn. “It’s for all CrazyPoker.com players with a Real Account. Its fully automatic and a perk for CrazyPoker.com players. “CrazyPoker.com also gives new players a starting advantage with some great bonuses and promotions. Receive $10 for free for merely downloading the easy-to-use CrazyPoker.com software and opening a Real account. Then, with your first deposit you qualify for the CrazyPoker.com 40% Welcome Bonus that sees a first time deposit of $100 become $140.March 2006 also sees CrazyPoker.com launch their new Road Trip To Riches promotion. “Playing Poker is big money and there is no bigger than the World Series of Poker. Play at CrazyPoker.com and you’ll be at the WSOP in Las Vegas,” says Penn. The new promotion sees any player that rakes over 100,000 hands at CrazyPoker.com receive a Buy-in to the WSOP 2006, worth $10,000. “You’d be Crazy not to take advantage of that,” states Penn. For more information on the CrazyPoker.com Loyalty Rewards or Road Trip To Riches promotion visit: http://www.crazypoker.com/poker_promotions.asp?btag=Pr_Poker_loyalty All Terms and Conditions Apply.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Lara Croft™ at online casino

Whether she's excavating the Caves of Caliya or navigating the City of Vilcabamba; searching for the Amulet of Horus or on a quest for the Obscura Paintings, Tomb Raider Lara Croft™ attracts excitement!

Lara Croft Tomb Raider

Now join the world's sexiest adventurer, Lara Croft™, on a quest for riches in the brand new Tomb Raider™ online casino video slot debuting Sun Vegas Internet Casino.

Licensed by Microgaming, this exploration offers a 5 reel, 15 payline, multiple coin video slot, with a Wild and Scatter Symbol, Bonus Feature and Free Spins. Tomb Raider™is the first Microgaming video slot where the player can win entry into the Bonus Feature from the Free Spins . Sun Vegas Casino Manager, Austin Green beamed with pride, “We can't wait to see the response of players, The Tomb Raider™ franchise is very popular and Lara Croft™ is an exceptionally strong creation. We expect players to be highly impressed and for Tomb Raider™ to become an instant favourite.”

The Tomb Raider™ online casino video video slot boasts state of the art, richly colored graphics and an adventurous lost treasure theme full of mysterious golden idols, magnificent tigers, and all the excitement expected of Lara Croft™ and Tomb Raider™. With the right combinations, a wide variety of entertaining bonuses, scatters, free spins and wild symbol rewards are possible, most contributing to the end payline.

Be part of the excavation with Lara Croft™ in Tomb Raider™!

Lara Croft Tomb Raider

Activate the Bonus Screen by getting 5 Idols.

Bonus Slots - Tomb Raider

Choose 5 Idols to reveal your bonus in Lara Croft Tomb Raider™

Tomb Raider Bonus Slots

Activate the Free Spins Feature by getting the Lara Croft™ symbol

Lara Croft Tomb Raider Slot Game

Payouts a plenty in Lara Croft Tomb Raider™

Thursday, August 25, 2005

PokerConduct - Poker thieves?

A popular website dedicated to "exposing corrupt poker sites" has recently launced an initiative whereby they will build their very own "member owned", "honest" poker site.

They planning to fund this operation by soliciting donations over the web, and through email. In their past investigations they have asked various poker sites information linked to the business end of the poker operation. Failure to provide a suitable response to such enquiries would result in the poker site being "black listed"

Recently a member has reported requesting similar information from Pokerconduct.net, before sending any money to fund their own poker room project. Suprisingly, staff has ignored repeated requests for information that should be publicly available.

Could it be they feel they have something to hide?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Mobile Online Casino Games Gain Popularity

Online casino gaming has reached a new height in popularity and one area that is catching on at a fever pitch is the mobile online casino. For those who like to play at online casinos but are away from their PC, there is still an option to play casino games: via a mobile or handheld unit. Some of the most popular online casinos now offer their games in three flavors: download, no-download and mobile versions. This gives player a wide variety of choice depending on where they are.

Marc Falcone, Deutsche Bank gambling analyst commented on the popularity of mobile online casinos and the direction they are heading in: "I think every major online casino company wants to get into online gaming, but without access to the U.S. market, it becomes a costly venture. The gadgets are the first step in a long process.

"But some people don´t want to see casino games outside the casino. Sen. Maggie Carlton, of Las Vegas said “it's bad enough that the state has allowed Keno to be played away from the casino floor. There needs to be places where there aren't two and three gaming devices at your disposal.” There is a real concern that the mobile online casino could make the temptation for some people to always have access to casino games much too tempting.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Online Casino To Be Launched By Football Club

West Ham fans are being urged to take a gamble with the club as they announce the launch of their online casino.
Hammerscasino.com will be the world's first fully branded online casino from a football club, a truly unique offering from West Ham United.
The site will use graphics to take punters on a tour of the stadium to reach the game of their choice. From the lobby area, the site will simulate walking into areas of the ground where players will then be able to play blackjack, roulette, slots and poker.
The move represents a marketing niche for West Ham and the club hopes to reach new areas with the potential for sales of Hammer's shirts and other merchandise.

Online Casino Advertising Faces Ban in Canada

Up until now online casino advertising, especially for some of the popular internet poker rooms, was legal in Canada.

Theses online casinos featured ads on Canadian television without any problems. But now pressure is mounting and there is a campaign in Canada that is pushing for the full ban of online casino advertising on television. This falls in line with a broader tightening of online and offline gambling in Canada. Despite the fact that online casino advertising is not allowed in Canada, some online casinos have managed to find a loophole in the system and continue to publicize their online services via Canadian television.

What you have is a surge in popularity of poker programming on television. Popular poker tournaments are broadcast and of course poker online casinos see this as the perfect arena for their advertising in order to reach their target market. "With poker's recent surge in popularity, sports channels are filling their broadcast schedules with Texas Hold 'Em tournaments, and poker websites are eager to advertise” says Rick Broadhead an internet consultant based out of Toronto, Canada.The loophole is that since the poker online casino often features free gaming in “free play mode” they can advertise on television as essentially an online gaming service, not necessarily used for gambling purposes.

"The Criminal Code makes it illegal to advertise Internet gambling in Canada, but many broadcasters welcome advertising from 'play money' versions of popular casinos like Party Poker, Tiger Gaming and Poker Stars” Broadhead continued. With mounting pressure on the television regulatory board to ban all online casino related material from Canadian airwaves, the policy may take effect in the near future.

Crazy Poker Gives Players a 33 Percent Rakeback

Crazy Poker has stunned the online gaming community when it announced that it will offer its players a 33 percent rakeback every month - the only site to offer such a high amount.

"People think we've gone crazy," says Crazy Poker Room manager Trevor Penn.
"Poker is the world's favorite card game and Crazy Poker is there to educate and provide an entertaining platform for experienced and novice Poker players alike. By offering a 33 percent rakeback we can give even more back to our players."

Crazy Poker already offers players $10 free for downloading their Poker software as well as a 40 percent Match Bonus on first time deposits of up to $100, meaning a $100 deposit will yield and extra $40 free. Now with a 33 percent rakeback every month players are receiving a large amount of free money.

Online Poker rooms make their profits through rakes. A rake is a small maintenance fee that is taken from every pot played and ranges from as little as 5c to over $2. Players that contribute to the pot are therefore paying their share of the rake to the Poker room. A rakeback refers to a percentage of the rakes players make that is paid back to them in the form of a bonus. Regular Poker players can play up to thousands of hands in a month and the rakes eventually ad up.

"Crazy Poker now offers online Poker Players 33 percent of their rakes back every month and that could add up to hundreds of dollars," says Penn.

Part of the Vegas Partner Lounge online casino group, Crazy Poker is one of the fastest growing Poker rooms. With their new 33 percent rakeback policy, players will have more reason to enjoy the great game of Poker.

All Terms & Conditions apply to the 33 percent Rakeback Promotion. For more information about Crazy Poker and the 33 percent RakeBack Promotion visit: http://www.crazypoker.com/rakeback.asp?btag=pr_cvc_rakeback